Members of the Restoration, and participants in the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches (JCRB), are covenanted members of the Church of Jesus Christ as restored through Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1830 and later reorganized by his son Joseph Smith III in 1860. Many were baptized when the RLDS was still active. The Conference (JCRB) is not a church, but is a conference comprised of Branches (congregations) throughout the world that work together to continue the mission of the church as given to heirs of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 2005 we meet yearly, collect and disperse tithes, and send missionaries through the world.

It is an awesome time to be alive! The Lord is at work throughout the world. It is our humble honor to work along-side Him, and to help bring the message of the Restored Gospel to those willing to Hear Him and enter into Covenant with him. If you know of this gospel and/or want to know more, contact us!

The 2017 General Conference ended Saturday, April 8th. This was a historic conference for the JCRB, with the ordination of seven new apostles. The apostles met later in the day and officially organized the quorum, with Gary Whiting as president and Kent Pedersen as secretary. Other apostles include Randy Vick, Rex Curtis, Doug Patterson, Avillio Herrera, Patrick McKay, Dave Drummond and Hugh Caldwell. Three seventy were also approved at this conference, one of which was ordained (Rereao Foster) and two who will be ordained at later dates (Kingsley Zacharias and Mike Meir). Ron Johnson was elected senior quorum president. One High Priest was also ordained (Joel Loving).

This conference forcused on individual and corporate repentance and the need for the Saints to move forward in increasing faithfulness, drawing the blessings of God who has given great promises to those who "act" and "do" according to His plan and desires. Discussion was centered around God's Marvelous Work, of which we desire to be a part. The Saints are admonished throughout the year ahead to strengthen their relationships with God and one another and continue the diligent work of keeping covenant.

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