Members of the Restoration, and participants in the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches (JCRB), are covenanted members of the Church of Jesus Christ as restored through Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1830 and later reorganized by his son Joseph Smith III in 1860. Many were baptized when the RLDS was still active. The Conference (JCRB) is not a church, but is a conference comprised of Branches (congregations) throughout the world that work together to continue the mission of the church as given to heirs of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 2005 we meet yearly, collect and disperse tithes, and send missionaries through the world.

It is an awesome time to be alive! The Lord is at work throughout the world. It is our humble honor to work along-side Him, and to help bring the message of the Restored Gospel to those willing to Hear Him and enter into Covenant with him. If you know of this gospel and/or want to know more, contact us!

The 2017 US Natonal Conference will be held October 5-7 (Thursday a.m. - Saturday p.m.) at the Community of Christ Church, 15006 E. 39th Street S, Independence, MO 64055 (USA).  Documents are posted to the US Conference web page, including the conference schedule.

If you want to view sessions LIVE, view any of the sessions recorded at previous conferences or follow us on social media, see the "Follow Us" menu option and select Ustream.