As we approach the autumn of this year we are reminded of how limited the time for fortifying ourselves in preparation for what lies ahead. 
Scripture and on-going revelation illuminate what God considers our faithful response, and yet we remain largely under-prepared.
The U.S. National Conference is intended for Saints living in the United States. This Thursday-Saturday conference will take place October 5-7, 2017 at the East 39th Street Community of Christ Church, 15006 E. 39th Street S, Independence, MO 64055 (USA). This conference will explore obstacles and opportunities that will help ready us to be God's useful children, worthy heirs and valiant witnesses. It will draw us to consider the sacrifices and commitments needed to prepare deeply and thoroughly as righteous participants in God's unfolding plan, and it will challenge us to consider what is needed for a resilient unity to exist between God's people.
If it is your mission to glorify God and to sow unity where there is separation, this conference is for you. If you desire to stand as a worthy witness of God's unwavering plan, we welcome you to join us as active participants in God's end-time labor of love.
Additional information will be posted as it becomes available. Contact Fred Greene (214.284.5357) or BJ Jordison  (816.301.1374) with questions.
  • On-Line Registration
  • Branch-elected delegates and alternates should be sent to "Registrar@ConferenceOfBranches.org"


Conference Documents: